Tayyib Foundation is a registered non-government, charitable and non-profit service organization, working for the social development and providing relief to the poor and needy people around the world.

Tayyib Foundation was established in 2006 to provide emergency assistance to the earthquake victims in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. The volunteers helped many families by providing food, medicine and water. After the first hand emergency phase a school for orphans and needy students was established, and is still serving approximately 200 students from the surrounding area.

Tayyib Foundation’s fundamental mission is to not only reduce the deprivation and hardships faced by our orphans but ultimately to promote equality and social liberation for these children as a foundation to build achievable only with your continued encouragement, support and generous charitable contributions.


Tayyib Foundation is currently working in Pattika which is 16km far from the capital city Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and this was the epicentre of the 2005 earthquake. Tayyib Foundation is working tirelessly to rebuild the houses, schools, mosques and hospitals which had been destroyed by the devastating earthquake.

At Tayyib Foundation, our aim is to ease the conditions of those in dire need and we can only achieve this with your help and generous contributions.