Health Sevices

Tayyib Foundation has been operating numerous health support programmes in the region.

Tayyib Foundation has successfully supported people to restore their eyesight through laser treatments and eye operations. We have also supported a deserving child for his surgery for the (cleft palate) as he was unable to speak. After a successful operation he is able to speak Alhamdulillah.

Dispensary and ambulance service are major requirements and this remains our top priority.

Tayyib Foundation provides medical support to the people from the village. We receive a large number of applications seeking help for their treatment. This includes receiving applications from people with disabilities.

Since the earthquake, many people have died in the same area because of no availability of timely health facilities. There was no ambulance service available in each of the case to transport the patients to the hospital.

We are requesting our donors to support our health service programmes because they are desperately needed, you can help by giving your Zakaat and Sadaqaat.