Tayyib Model School

All the schools in Pattika were destroyed by the disastrous earthquake in 2005 and Tayyib Model School was the first school that was established immediately after the earthquake. The construction was fully completed in April 2012.

Tayyib Model School is a unique project as it provides free education, books and uniform for the orphans and needy. We have also started providing lunch to the orphans, poor and needy children.

Tayyib Model School, our flagship and most successful project was completed with your generous donations. The building comprises of:

  • 2 floors used for the classrooms of Tayyib Model School
  • 1 floor used for community purposes which includes health centre, Hifz class and a conference room
  • 22 rooms overall
  • 200 students
  • A team of 16 dedicated members
  • Playground which is used for:
  • Funeral prayers which accommodates up to 7000 people.
  • Sports activities
  • School assembly
  • Family gatherings (weddings, Khatam, Milaad programmes etc)
  • Our school now has a fully equipped modern I.T room.

Tayyib Model School provides enhanced learning with many activities to help children in all areas of learning and development.

Tayyib Model School was the first to organize a sports day. This was a very new and unique experience for the children, parents and visitors.

We also provide programmes for children to engage in social and environmental issues.

The children enjoy the unique atmosphere, lessons, morning assemblies, play times and alternative programmes. Alhamdullilah we are satisfied that with the help of donors we have been able to provide a warm and nurturing environment for the children to learn.

Many of our donors have visited the school and provided positive feedback on the facilities and achievement thus far and we are proud that Tayyib Model School is the only school with such facilities in the area.

We would also like to invite you to visit the school and the other projects running by Tayyib Foundation in Pattika, Muzaffarabad and witness first-hand difference you have made in their lives.